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He is a good English translator?

12 октября 2013, в 23:15

To find a good English translator, you need to analyze a lot of information, take into account the huge number of factors. Here are just a few of the criteria under which selected staff in our Agency:

Translator of English must be certified specialist, graduate of the faculty or faculty of translation of one of the famous Universities.

Experience of working in one of the thematic areas. Ideally, the translator from English into Russian has two higher educations or seriously into anything.

Erudite, creative, passionate man. Any translator of English texts - not a robot or machine performing the job. This is a person, the level of which depends on the quality of work.

«Translation Agency offers translation for all Your business meetings, the partners and guests could be in the country with more comfort and not face language difficulties. It offers a visiting specialist in Moscow.

If you are really interested in good interprète de russe à Moscou of texts guaranteed high level of execution of the order and efficiency.

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