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The interpreter's work at the exhibition

12 октября 2013, в 22:55

Participation in annual international exhibitions of the dynamically developing companies gives them the opportunity to demonstrate the diversity of their products and services, new developments, and also attract new partners for the conclusion of mutually beneficial contracts, to enter new markets for their products. The theme of the exhibition can be very diverse. This exhibition-fair of furniture and related products, household appliances, cars, boats and yachts, as well as the exhibition on the mutually beneficial exchange of information in various fields of activity.

Due to the fact that international exhibitions are often involve the participation of several countries, the service of translator of English at the exhibition is the most important (as English languages have practically all representatives of international organizations who come to Moscow). Great demand on the exhibitions are also translators French, Italian, German, Chinese, Korean and Arabic.

Service of a translator at the international exhibitions is as in the presentation of the goods or services in a foreign language and in translation of negotiations with potential partners. With regard to the qualification of a translator for participation in the exhibitions, it must be a person who has experience of participation in international exhibitions and has a high communication skills. He should be not only a specialist in the field of translation, but also to cope well with their duties in the society a large number of people. Also, the translator must understand the specifics of the translated material, after all, how to correctly and adequately be translated at the exhibition depends on the overall success of your company.

We are sure that the appearance of our translators was in the same style with all the other representatives of this particular company, products or services which they advertise as a translator at the international exhibition is a member of the team. Our translators do an excellent job not only the task set before them the task of translation, but also with attraction of visitors to your stand.

Please note that we provide the Moscow trade show interpreter, but throughout Russia and abroad (EU countries, USA, China, Korea, Japan).

To offer high quality translation, try to make your order in advance and provide advance information and presentation materials for the interpreter to have time to prepare. If necessary, we also will translate advertising documentation, catalogues, booklets, brochures and leaflets for use at the exhibition.

Contact us and we will help you to solve the problem of translation on the international exhibitions!

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